• Image of Raw Breed - Killa Instinct 2xLP (Gatefold Edition) PRE ORDER NOW
  • Image of Raw Breed - Killa Instinct 2xLP (Gatefold Edition) PRE ORDER NOW

Sup y'all ?! We are back with another Classic & DOPE Album from 1996 : Raw Breed - Killa Instinct !!!

This album had been banned by Warner Bros, so it had never been released before. it's now officially done on Back2DaSource Records for the vinyl format and on Dust & Dope Recordings for the cd format !!!

Don't miss this 2xLP gatefold release, only 300 copies pressed

Release date 12th of June 2017



Shipping cost :

EUROPE, UK & USA: 1x 2LP: 13,75 €

Germany, Netherland, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, UK

2x 2LP : 17 € comes with tracking number

Rest of Europe and USA for 2x 2LP : 26,50 €

More than 2x 2LP and up to 6 copies max for the Rest of Europe, is 33 €, comes with tracking number

Rest of the world : 1x 2LP 22 €
2X 2LP 44 $

You can add a registered mail option if needed, (comes with tracking number); Registered mail option is 8 €

Contact us here blapointe777@gmail.com if you need more than 2 copies, if you need registered mail option


Youtube snippets

Soundcloud snippets : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/raw-breed-killa-instinct-snippets/s-I1fIb

1. Welcome To My World (Featuring Ice-T & Tim Dog)
2. Killa Instinct
3. Lock Shit Down
4. U My Nigga
5. That (Featuring A.O.D.)
6. Everyday Tactics (Featuring Jimmy James & 45)
7. Carlito’s Intro
8. Carlitos Way(Featuring SLJ)
9. $yndicate Love Interlude
10. Mouth Of Madness (Featuring A.O.D. & Thug Stars)
11. Ghetto Life (Featuring GURU)
12. Jungle Creed (Skit) (Featuring Ice-T)
13. Real Life
14. Phone Interlude
15. La La All Day
16. Tricks Are For Boys, Games Are For Men
17. Bronx Bombers Interlude
18. Doin’ This For Days (Featuring Godfather Don & 8-Off AKA Agallah)
19. It’s On Intro (Featuring SLJ)
20. It’s On
21. Petro

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