• Image of Untranslated Prescriptions Compilation 2xLP (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Untranslated Prescriptions Compilation 2xLP (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Untranslated Prescriptions Compilation 2xLP (SOLD OUT)

Sup y'all?! We are Proud to announce that we have The Tribal Crew Inc. once again in the house, 206 style! Untranslated Prescriptions is one of the dopest compilation you will ever hear, I know I said the same for Do The Math, but that's what's up! Both Do The Math and the Untranslated Prescriptions compilation is a seriously DOPE projects. Again, Very Melodic Production, Poetic & Spiritual Rhymes, Produced by Vitamin D & Topspin. And this burner from 95' we knew we couldn't go wrong with that! Originally was only released on cassette (K7) format at the time, and is considered a rare gem almost impossible to find! So yes brothers and sisters if you liked Do The Math (and we know you did!) This one is for you ! Nothing but pure medication for your Heart & Soul ! If you feel down, or a bit tired of this fucked up world... This Prescription Is For You! We did our best to source the purest sounding versions of this album that is even possible due to loss of original masters due to a flood. Tracks were sourced from the original Cassette and were maticulously mastered by Vincent Ternest of Wax Flowers Studio. And it turned out great. A real "LOST" project, more than likely to have never seen the light of day again, comes with Insert. Enjoy, something we couldn't let go by lost to a tragedy that left it on the backburner. In all honesty a project that's close to the Back2DaSource Family and the Tribal Music Inc. Crew. Let's keep the wheels moving!! Peace from the Family

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Only 300 copies pressed don't sleep on this Gem !

Track Title Track Performer

1 Get Off Me Culture Born Ft Vitamin D
2 I Wanna Win Ghetto Chilldren
3 Interlude Niggaz In Space
4 93'-94 ' Tizzy T ft Infinite
5 Confrontations Sinsemilla
6 P.H.A.T. PHAT Mob
7 Interlude Woo Hoo
8 Retrospect Sho Nuff
9 Elevations Ghetto Chilldren
10 Intro Sinsemilla
11 Don't Think About It Sinsemilla
12 Skit Arnold The Grocery Store
13 She Wants Me (Oh!) PHAT Mob
14 Shapelee Utopia Sho Nuff ft Vitamin D
15 Interlude Music Definition
16 Enter The Cipher Union Of Opposites
17 I'm An MC, I'm An DJ Ghetto Chilldren
18 Shante's Last Stand Ghetto Chilldren ft Poetry

Mastered by Vincent Ternest
Graff & handstyle titles : Nerco Black aka Piet Pado
Design lay out : Peter Eeckelaert (Nitras)

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Shipping cost :

Europe, UK & USA: 1x or 2x 2LP: 13,75 €,
3x : 17 euros comes with tracking number (only for France, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Luxembourg) if you need this option contact me please

Rest of the world : 1x or 2x 2LP : 23.00 €,


or add a registered mail option if needed, (comes with tracking number); Registered mail option is 8 €

Contact us here blapointe777@gmail.com

PS : Cd version limited to 300 was available but now sold out, not showed on the website anymore

Sold Out