• Image of Mass Vinyl Compilation CD (OUT NOW)
  • Image of Mass Vinyl Compilation CD (OUT NOW)

Sup y'all ?! We are back with another DOPE CD release : MASS VINYL RECORDINGS COMPILATION CD, 1st time all those tracks are on cd format! All the best tracks from the MV 12"s finally on CD, contains 3 bonus 90s unreleased tracks (same as the ones on Mass Vinyl 90s unreleased wax) Don't miss this gem, 300 copies pressed only !

Track Title Track Performer

1 24/7 Hi Tech
2 Book Of Life Hi Tech
3 Padlock Shok Therapy ft. Hi-Tech, Jedi, Spectrum
4 SOS Shok Therapy ft. Jedi, Matrix
5 The Techs Technique Hi Tech
6 Weak Minds Hi Tech, J Treads
7 Book Of Death Ei8ghtrak, The Hermit, Hi Tech
8 Money Ei8ghtrak Ft The Faculty
9 Dont Mean Jak Parallax
10 Bleeding Hate Parallax
11 Book Of Life Part 2 Hi Tech
12 4 Degrees For The Streets Hi Tech, Mischief, Smoogie, Vision
13 Heartless Hi Tech
14 Drame Hi Tech
15 Where Y'a At Hi Tech

Mastered by Jee Van Cleef
Artworks, design lay out : Peter Eeckelaert

IMPORTANT : if you want to combine shipping with your Hip Hop Enterprise Records orders just let me ([email protected]) or Michel Mees know ([email protected]) !! Thanks

Shipping cost :

EUROPE & UK : 1 cd : 5,50 euros
2 cds : 9 euros

US & REST OF THE WORLD : 1 cd : 6 euros
2 cds : 10 euros
If you need more than 2cds please contact me here :[email protected]

One Love

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