• Image of Do The Math (A Tribal Compilation) 2xLP Gatefold edition (PRE ORDER NOW!)
  • Image of Do The Math (A Tribal Compilation) 2xLP Gatefold edition (PRE ORDER NOW!)
  • Image of Do The Math (A Tribal Compilation) 2xLP Gatefold edition (PRE ORDER NOW!)

Sup y'all ?! What a great occasion to wrap up this massive Hip Hop year, with an incredible GEM from the Emerald city. Indeed after Narcotik previously released this year on B2DS here we go again with one of the most geniune Hip Hop compilation album from Seattle and even out of this Earth! Get ready for feelings of pure DOPENESS with this 1996 sophomore compilation, a real piece of art. Tribal Music Inc. - Do The Math (A Tribal Compilation) soulful, jazzy productions cooked up by Vitamin D & DJ Topspin. Dope, deep & original lyrics performed by the 206 CREW. Emcees, musical synergies at work all the way, from start to finish! A real MASTERPIECE

Finally for the first time on wax after more than 22 years, this remastered version with the 24 Bit analog additional vinyl mastering by our truly great brother Noiseman a.k.a. Big Noise (B Flatts Producer) This will bring you the illest audio experience ever possible, YOU ARE GONNA DIG IT!

Essential item in every serious hip hop collection, 2xLP Gatefold edition with insert. more than 70 minutes of sweet music for your Soul and Ears.

Don't sleep on this crazy release, 300 copies pressed only (CD format available and limited to 300 as well)

(Cd version limited to 300 was pressed,sold out! Not showed on the website anymore)

Track title Performer:

1 Intro T.H.C .
2 Main Attraction Phat Mob
3 Sho Sum Respect Sho Nuff
4 Traffic Sinsemilla
5 Eye Listen B Self
6 Who's Listening The Ghetto Chilldren
7 Earth Girlz R EZ Chile & Vitamin D
8 The Truth Hurts Infinite feat Los
9 Interlube T-Dog & D-Uneek
10 N's don't L The Ghetto Chilldren
11 Rap Capsule The Crew Clockwise
12 Do The Math Topspin,B-Self,Samson,S,Poetry,Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Truth,
Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite & E Wreck

13 Interlucifer Infinite & C-Note
14 What's It Worth Union Of Opposites
15 Wrong Numbers Phat Mob
16 Solider Intro Rob Brewer & Samon S
17 Solider Samson S feat H-Bomb
18 Temporary Insanity T.H.C.
19 Game Of Checkers Narcotik
20 Game Show Shahrazad
21 The Shining Wordsayer & Blah
22 Schoolin' Em Infinite
23 Sinsebility H-Bomb
24 Equilibrium The Ghetto Chilldren

Additional mastering : Danny Carter AKA Noiseman (B Flatt Producer)
Graffiti & Handsyles : Nerco Black AKA Piet Pado
Design lay out : Pascal Ross Marquette

Soundclound snippet mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/do-the-math-a-tribal-compilation-snippet-mix-by-dj-grazzhoppa/s-5Pgtg

Release date : mid January 2019, exact release date coming soon

Shipping cost :

EUROPE, UK & USA: 1x 2LP: 13,75 €

For Germany, Netherland, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, UK : 2x 2LP : 17 € comes with tracking number

Rest of Europe and USA for 2x 2LP : 26,50 €

More than 2x 2LP and up to 6 copies max for the Rest of Europe, is 33 €, comes with tracking number

Rest of the world : 1x 2LP 22 €
2X 2LP 44 $


You can also buy a Registered Mail option for 8euros, to be sure everything will be ok with the shipping, for we are not responsible for damaged or lost parcels shipped without registered mail. However most part of time its ok but its at your own risks, and we cant afford the reshipping cost (when return to sender) as well. Thanks for your comprehension
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Peace. One Love

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