• Image of Laster - Liberal Art (90's Unreleased Album, LP) Sold OUT
  • Image of Laster - Liberal Art (90's Unreleased Album, LP) Sold OUT

Sup fam?! We are back with some crazy Boston heat. Are you ready?!

First of all I'd like to give a special shout out to my Man Daniel AKA Beatjunkie82 AKA JunkiesVirtualCrates, by the way check his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JuNkIEsVirTualCRaTEs

This project wouldn't have seen the light of day without this Homie, please don't forget to send him Love & Respect because as you will hear this project is a BOMB, a real blessing,

Can't forget Madsol Desar a real Brother too, thanks to those 2 great Souls, we did the connexion with Knightz of Music Prod' (All the Bostons finest, real crème de la crème : Dialek, Madsol, Edo G, Laster, Paw Dukes to name a few) in order to put out this awesome album

So yeah thats was for the little introduction Thanks guys !!! May all the people give you props, its well deserved, and we are honored to put it out on our Back2DaSource Records, blessed !

Now back to the album info! Back then, both Madsol and Dialek put in work with Laster and dropped some classic singles.

Indeed you surely knew about tracks such as Misery, Searching For Meaning, Off Balance (which had been remixed by Primo on DJ Premier - New York Reality Check 101), know your classics !!

With such great heats put out at the time, we had to put out this 90s unreleased album called Liberal Art, produced by Madsol Desar & Dialek. Soulful samples, jazzy &melodic samples, but also inspired by classical music with crazy dope strings samples, this album has a lot of incredible and different kind of prods but they all always on point/DOPE boom Bap and brings different sort of vibes, you def cant sleep on this Classic Hip Hop Album from Boston, this is HISTORY

On the lyrics side, Laster brings his best, serious topics, dope flows and poetry, zodiac expert in action

Here with the cd format 3 bonus tracks have been added compared to the LP thats will be out in September

Cd & LP releases have two separate masterings, everyone will be happy with this one (whether is on CD or on wax) we already know this for a fact, thats LOVE YO !

LP release date end of september


Keep it real family

One Love


A Side

One on One (Prod by Dialek)
Hardknocks (Prod by Dialek)
Clueless (Prod by Madsol Desar)
Elbow Room (Prod by Dialek)
Twisted Logic (prod by Dialek)

B Side :

Open House (Prod by Laster)
Gone With The Wind (Prod by Dialek)
Backstabbers (Prod by Dialek)
Flattery (Prod by Madsol Desar)
Step Up Front (Prod by Dialek)

Mastering by Vincent Ternest

(Cd version limited to 300 was pressed,sold out! Not showed on the website anymore)

Shipping prices

1 vinyl : - 10 euros : USA,EUROPE,UK
- 13,50 euros : REST OF THE WORLD

2-3 vinyl :- 13,50 euros : USA,EUROPE,UK
- 20 euros : REST OF THE WORLD

Please use the discount code : If you buy 3 vinyl please use the discount code : 2JFQB1 (Europe, Uk, USA) and 8XCFD2 (Rest of the world)

3 VINYL MAXIMUM PER PACKAGE contact us for more details if you need more.

You can also buy a Registered Mail option for 8euros, to be sure everything will be ok with the shipping, for we are not responsible for damaged or lost parcels shipped without registered mail. However most part of time its ok but its at your own risks, and we cant afford the reshipping cost (when return to sender) as well. Thanks for your comprehension

Paypal : blapointe777@gmail.com


Sold Out