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Sup y'all ?! We are back with another DOPE unreleased project from the Bronx : Dj Shok presents Mass Vinyl / Hi Tech 90's Unreleased
Thanks to Shok we had the chance to unearth some sick 90s materials. This project contains 12 tracks. 6 unreleased tracks featuring Hi Tech, Parallax, PFK, and an obscure group called Rated Raw. The 3 first tracks have been mixed at the D&D Studio by Eddie Sancho (Instrumentals and acapellas included on the B Side), The whole project has been produced by DJ Shok and mastered by Noiseman (B Flatt producer)

If you like Mass Vinyl Recordings releases or if you have interests in the great hip hop music from the Golden Era this one is a must
I'd like to give a special shout out to Unikone (HipHop-TheGoldenEra.blogspot.com) for the connection with Shok, Much Respect Bro !
Same goes out to Vyda 7fa7 who blessed the artwork cover, Much props!

Only 300 copies pressed, don't sleep

Release date : mid december 2018

Artworks and design lay out : Vyda 7fa7
Mastering by Noiseman

A Side

A1 Hi Tech - Drama
A2 Hi Tech - Where Y'a At
A3 Hi Tech - Heartless
A4 Rated Raw - Live For Die For
A5 Parallax & PFK - Sinister Scenarios
A6 Hi Tech - Dr Who

B Side

B1 Drama (Instrumental)
B2 Where Y'a At (Instrumental)
B3 Heartless (Instrumental)
B4 Drama (Acapella)
B5 Where Y'a At (Acapella)
B6 Heartless (Acapella)

Soundcloud snippet : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/dj-shok-present-mass-vinyl-hi-tech-90s-unreleased-snippet-mixed-by-dj-obsolete/s-YoOw4

Shipping prices

1 vinyl : - 10 euros : USA,EUROPE,UK
- 13,50 euros : REST OF THE WORLD

2-3 vinyl :- 13,50 euros : USA,EUROPE,UK
- 20 euros : REST OF THE WORLD

Please use the discount code : If you buy 3 vinyl please use the discount code : 2JFQB1 (Europe, Uk, USA) and 8XCFD2 (Rest of the world)

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