• Image of Grassrootz - Uncharted Regions (Album LP, 1998) (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Grassrootz - Uncharted Regions (Album LP, 1998) (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Grassrootz - Uncharted Regions (Album LP, 1998) (SOLD OUT)

Portland, Oregon (1998)

L PRO and D-Wyze began work on Uncharted Regions in early 1995. Big influences at that time included Nas, Black Moon, Wu Tang and Pete Rock and CL Smooth.

D-Wyze was heavily influenced by Premier and used the Akai S950 and MPC to get malodic grooves and heavy drums to bang on the Regions project. Pro focused on lyrical content which included joints like my words my world, and the collaboration with Lifesavas' Vursatyl on "Profound Vursatylity".

Other collaborations included Ray Ray and others on this debut record. Grassrootz was cemented in the Portland Hip Hop scene with this record that proved hard hitting drums, samples and solid lyrics could bring what everyone wanted.

A solid record. Pro and D-Wyze were more then just best friends setting out to prove that Hip Hop from an Uncharted Region could be dope....they wanted to send a MESSAGE; that they were more then just local.

With write ups in the Source and XXL, Grassrootz certainly accomplished that goal in that space and time...
(Source : Bandcamp)


Contains 10 tracks. ONLY 300 COPIES

Black jacket, white inner sleeve + sticker

Soundcloud snippet : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/grassrootz-uncharted-regions-album-lp1998-snippets

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