• Image of Shrlok Da Madman Bundle  (buy the CD + 2xLP get 10% Off) (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Shrlok Da Madman Bundle  (buy the CD + 2xLP get 10% Off) (SOLD OUT)

Sup y'all ?! Proud to announce we got Shrlock AKA Shrlok Da Madman & his producer Chip Fab in the house ! We joined forces to reissue their 12" Holy Grail from 96 called All Comp / Slide Back with nothing less than SEVEN DOPE 90s unreleased tracks as bonuses, produced by Chip Fab and never heard before ! Ill shit ! Full rap version of Slide Back & many other Gems included. The 12" tracks have been remastered, slighly different than the OG 12'' sound but trust me you wont be disappointed with the sound quality, I'd say it even sounds better than the OG, but yo lets say different haha. We did our best to bring you that crazy high audio quality experience, with that analog Mastering (Big Dé as always)

DOPE Boom Bap from Richmond, VA

Don't sleep on it ! Limited edition of 300cds & 300 2xLPs only !
Also keep your eyes peeled for the extra limited edition of this project that will be released on Ill Catz Records (tape format, only 50 copies pressed)

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/shrlock-90s-unrelease-all-comp-slide-back-snippet

Don't forget to check the interview on https://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/

Will be shipped out end of May/early June 2021

Peace. One Love
Design Lay out & Artworks : Peter Eeckeleart for Nitras.be
Graff & Hand style titles : OneCheatz
Connector: Antonio Bovino / UnikOne
Shipping costs :

UK EUROPE, US for 1x bundle : 13.75 euros
: 1x 2x or 3x bundles : 17 euros (comes with tracking) this is ONLY for Germany, Netherlands, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Sadly no more UK since the Brexit ( tracked, cost is 33euros now) please contact me if you need it

Rest Of Europe and US for 2x : bundles : 26.50 euros

Rest of the World for 1x bundle : 22 euros
2x or 3x bundles : 44 euros

Please contact me if you need a tracking number (cost is 8 euros), comes with registered mail option



Sold Out