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Sup y'all ?! We are proud to announce we got the legendary Royal Fam in the house... official Wu-Tang Fam! As most of you know they recorded "Black Castle" in 1995 and 1996, it was scheduled to be released twice and shelved as many times. B2DS is now proud to bring you the album in its original format, completely how it was meant to be issued including unreleased and unknown material! Straight up boom bap in its absolute purest and rawest form! DON'T SLEEP ON THIS MASTER PIECE!

Album mastered by Duncan Stanbury (Analog mastering) and additional mastering by Dé for Laboratoire Music. Artwork/ Design lay-out by Oliver Prill for Prillustration.

Release date : Early December

Soundcloud snippets : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/royal-fam-black-castle-short-snippet-mixed-by-dj-grazzhoppa

Youtube short snippet mixed DJ Grazzhoppa :

Digitals available thru Real Estate Records / Timbo King

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Shipping cost :

EUROPE & UK : 1 cd : 5,50 euros
2 cds : 10 euros

US & REST OF THE WORLD : 1 cd : 6 euros
2 cds : 11 euros

Also If you need more than 2cds please contact me here :blapointe777@gmail.com

Sold Out