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Sup y'all ?! We back with another banger ! 7Poz featuring the Golden Child - Queen Bee maxi single reissue ! Ultra rare wax and cds, 1997 San Diego Holy Grail. Seven Poz (the Emcee) & Golden Child (the Producer) bring you this conscious Boom Bap Hip Hop, you know how we do, we had to spread those Message and those Vibes . On a side note, an unreleased album was produced at the time but sadly impossible to find the masters. Hope you will dig the new cover too, choice was made to change the OG artwork
to have something fresher. Only 300 vinyl & 300 cds pressed. Don't sleep !

Artworks and design lay out : Oliver Prill + Fomz One for the drawing
Analog Mastering : Dé L'Archiviste

CD orders will be shipped out mid March 2022
Vinyl will be out spring 2022

Snippet by Bugaboo : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/queen-bee-snippet-by-bugaboo

Shipping cost have changed now its up to 2Kg

France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg : 11 euros up to 2 kg
UK : 14euros up to 2 Kg
US : 16.50euros til 2Kg
Most of the Europeau countries : 12.50 euros til 2KG
Rest of the World : 22.50 euros up to 2Kg

Also Bpost doesnt allow us to send parcels to Ukraine or Russia anymore (due to the shituation), sorry for my Brothers & Sisters who will be impacted

This world needs Peace

One Love


Sold Out