• Image of Pudgee - Unreleased 92-98 (CD, SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Pudgee - Unreleased 92-98 (CD, SOLD OUT)

Sup y'all ?! We back with another DOPE cd release : Pudgee - Unreleased 92-98 finally on CD !

Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard is one of those emcees whom you can instantly recognize his flow, (Powerful and Sharp). He was one of the greatest voices in the game back then. Thus no wonder he was associated with Tupac and worked with artists such as DMX, Biggie, Missy Elliott, Sadat X etc... Living in the Bronx he started his carrier in the late 80's as a part of the Trakmasterz crew! He started getting popular with his 1st solo album in 1993 called "Give Em The Finger".

For the most part heads wonder what happened to Pudgee?! Well the fact is he didn't blow up back then because he had lost many of his friends and didn't want to be the next one. Also, he had some issues with his label at the time (which was very common). Nevertheless he had a lot of great songs that have never been released, So it was time to make a move and put these jewels out for your ears!...

The CD album contains the 10 unreleased tracks originally pressed on wax in 2016, + 2 bonus tracks (Original Demos, Unheard material, Unreleased work from 92-98 from Pudgee's private tapes.) Which featured Sadat X, Missy Elliott, Da King & I, Trends of Culture, Nick Wiz Productions, Trakmasterz Work, Chris Large Productions just to name a few. 500 copies pressed only

Additional cd mastering : Jee Van Cleef
Artworks : Pacoje K7
Lay out : Peter Eeckelaert (Nitras)

Soundcloud snippet : https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/pudgee-unreleased-92-98-snippets



Shipping cost :

EUROPE & UK : 1 cd : 5,50 euros
2 cds : 10 euros

US & REST OF THE WORLD : 1 cd : 6 euros
2 cds : 11 euros

IMPORTANT: Please leave a note if you want to combine shipping with your HHE orders

Also If you need more than 2cds please contact me here :blapointe777@gmail.com

Peace !

Sold Out