• Image of Pudgee - King Of New York  (Full ALBUM, CD) (SOLD OUT)
  • Image of Pudgee - King Of New York  (Full ALBUM, CD) (SOLD OUT)

King Of New York' is Pudgee's second unreleased album recorded in 1995. Production was handled by cats such as Nick Wiz, Da Beatminerz, Chris Large, Ez Elpee and S.I.D. Reynolds just to name a few.

Now we bring you a deluxe edition of no less than 18 tracks, including a previously unreleased bonus track of more than 6 minutes featuring Da King & I and Homacyde! DON'T SLEEP ON THIS CLASSIC ALBUM, ONLY 500 COPIES PRESSED!!! DON'T MISS IT!!

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Barry White Intro

On The Regular - Prod by Nick Wiz

Money Don't Make Your World Stop - Prod by Fran Lover

Talk Behind Your Back - Prod by S.I.D Reynolds

Hustler's Anthem - Prod by Nick Wiz

Whatever - Prod by Da Beatminerz

King Of New York - Prod by Dj Slyce

Things Ain't Changed - Prod by Ez Elpee

Make Em Die - Prod by Ez Elpee

900# Commercial, (interlude)

Niguhz Fo Life - Prod by Chris Large

Tha Hold Up - Prod by Steve The Intern

For My Daughter - Prod by Ez Elpee

The Regular (Remix) - Prod by Minnesota

Dead Men Tell No Tales Prod by Chris Large

Love Somebody Else - Prod by Nick Wiz

Say Goodbye feat Missy Elliott - Prod by Dr Ceuss

Check One Two Feat Da King & I, Homacyde (94' Unreleased Bonus Track) Prod by


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