• Image of Narcotik - Intro To The Central (Cd Album) (1995)
  • Image of Narcotik - Intro To The Central (Cd Album) (1995)
  • Image of Narcotik - Intro To The Central (Cd Album) (1995)

Sup y'all ?! Here we go again with another BOMB from 95' , Seattle heat that is impossible to find in physical, tape format does exist though and if you own it cherish it for you got a really really rare GEM : Narcotik - Intro To The Central is now finally out on cd and next month it will be on vinyl for all our wax fanatics

Original lyrics, flows and soulful productions. Produced by Vitamin D & Top Spin, Written by C Note & Tizzy T (RIP) this one is dedicated to him. Also contains Infinite featurings . One of the hard to find record to ever come out of the Northwest !!!! The cd version contains 3 bonus tracks compared to the vinyl version that will be out in mid february 2018. We did our best with the mastering as even the producers or artists couldnt help with the OG masters but you wont find best audio quality anywhere else on Earth. Trust me, DOPE release !!! SEATTLE IS IN THE HOUSE DONT MISS IT ONLY 250 copies pressed, CD pro press, not a Cdr !!!


1 All The Time
2 Crushin Crooz
3 Chips To A Cell
4 All Up In My Mix (ft Infinite)
5 Earlin The Morning
6 Game of Checkers
7 Intro To The Central (ft Infinite)
8 Literally Sauced
9 No Shorts (bonus track)
10 Rap Styles Vary (bonus track)
11 Realitee (bonus track)

Graffiti artworks by Fleks (95 crew), thanks to Mike Dundee (Propaganza) for the connexion
Handstyles tracks titles : Nerco Black aka Piet Pado
Mastering by Beezie 2000 from Seattle + Dé L'archiviste (from L'Archiviste Records)
Design lay out by Metaphyzik AKA Pascal Ross Marquette
Coordinator (Networking Logistics Provided & Coordinated By) – Mike Cole with the help of Sonya & Infinite


Shipping cost :

EUROPE & UK : 1 cd : 5,20 euros
2 cds : 8,30 euros

US & REST OF THE WORLD : 1 cd : 6 euros
2 cds : 9euros
If you need more than 2cds please contact me here :blapointe777@gmail.com

Keep It Real ! Stay Love ! 1

Bee Lapointe

Sold Out