• Image of Jam DOT - Da Original Troopa  / Da Ooh! - Lost In Queens   (CD) (OUT NOW)
  • Image of Jam DOT - Da Original Troopa  / Da Ooh! - Lost In Queens   (CD) (OUT NOW)

For this release we selected the best Jam DOT 90's unreleased tracks never heard before which deserved to be out, 6 tracks EP simply called Da Original Troopa EP that stands for DOT, Jam Da Original Troopa , all the tracks are produced by Jam DOT himself.

Then second EP is Da Ooh! Lost In Queens in this second 6 tracks EP we have chosen to reissue their very rare Da Ooh! - The Chemistry 12" and we added three crazy Demos from Da Ooh! early 90's material

4 Bonus tracks are added to this cd format compared to the wax version, those tracks are from his previous 90's EP and never been released on cd format :

Da Original Troopa EP :

On Top
Off To The Races
On Point
The Hustle

Da Ooh! - Lost In Queens EP

The Chemistry
Watch Out
The Chemistry (Instrumental)
We Ah Dae (Unreleased Demo)
This Is How (Unreleased Demo)
Act Like You Know (Unreleased Demo)

Bonus Tracks :

Soul Searchin'
Soul Searchin' (Remix)
Time (Wastelandz Remix)
Think (90's Unreleased)

Mastered by Lyrics Blunt & Dé L'Archiviste from LArchiviste Records

Soundcloud snippet :https://soundcloud.com/back2dasource-records/jam-dot-da-original-troopa-da-ooh-lost-in-queens-cd-out-now/s-p9te6

16 tracks CD (Pro press, fuck CDr!)

Limited to 400 copies, don't miss it

Sealed item


Shipping cost :

EUROPE & UK : 1 cd : 5,20 euros
2 cds : 8,30 euros

US & REST OF THE WORLD : 1 cd : 6 euros
2 cds : 9euros
If you need more than 2cds please contact me here :blapointe777@gmail.com

One Love.